I have a problem

A Look in the Mirror

Hang On! You may have come to this site because things are not going well. Things may seem hopeless. That face in the mirror is not who you want to be. But I have good news. Addiction is fixable!

I’m Larry Fritzlan. I am an addict in recovery and a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified addiction therapist, a board-certified intervention professional, and the founder of the Family Recovery Therapy treatment model.

And I’ve been where you are.

I finally got to a place where I knew I needed help. Looking back, that was the hard part—admitting I had a problem and needed help. Once I finally admitted that, things got better quickly. All I needed was to get support to stay sober for just one day—and then do it again the next day. With the right kind of support, anyone can do this.

Seriously, it is that simple! 

I’m not suggesting that you do anything different about your addiction today! Or tomorrow! But you can look at some of the material on this website. Becoming educated about addiction is an essential first step. 

The model that I practice does not typically use residential rehabs. It’s a simple and gentle process that starts where you live. It usually involves the whole family, the family 'system,' because they have been playing a role in this, and sometimes, they’re as stressed as the person suffering from addiction. You might suggest that to learn more they look at this website and the introductory videos.  

A Chronic Disease that can be Treated

Addiction is a disease of faulty brain chemistry and structure. The midbrain hijacks the prefrontal cortex and takes over to get more dopamine—which it craves. We know this today thanks to modern neuroimaging tools. By learning new ways to think and behave, fresh neuronal networks are established, and the brain begins to rewire itself in positive ways.

Someone once said, “I’ve never seen an addict fail to get sober if they followed these suggestions.” That’s been my experience. I’ve never seen anyone fail to put this disease into remission if they reached out for support and closely followed the suggestions.  

Millions of people have done the work to put their addiction into remission. You can too, if you decide that’s what you want.

Our book and our FRT therapist referral network are here for you.

This website, our book, readily available social support groups, and the FRT therapists listed in this website are all resources to support your healing from addiction and codependency.

When you are ready, it works

“I have referred my closest friends and their families to Larry over the years and each of them echoes my profound trust and gratitude for the (program) Larry has created.  I have also worked in the field of addiction for years and with no hesitation I can say his work is among the most outstanding and effective in the field.”

— Nita Gage, DSPS, MA, ICSAC, Executive Director, Integrative Medicine Consortium