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Larry’s Been There, Done That… and Recovered

Larry Fritzlan is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified addiction therapist, and a board-certified intervention professional. As a recovering addict himself and the child of an addict, Larry is passionate about helping addicted individuals—and their families—escape the downward spiral of addiction. 

About Larry Fritzlan

Larry Fritzlan has successfully treated alcoholism and other addictions since 1992. He holds the following qualifications:

  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (1996)
  • Certified Addiction Specialist (1996)
  • Board Certified Intervention Professional
  • Member of the Association of Intervention Specialists
  • Founder of Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services in Corte Madera, California
  • Former adjunct professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco
  • Lecturer for professional associations and academic institutions
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists member

Larry is also the author of three books on using a family-system-based approach to treat a family with an addicted family member: My Addicted ChildMy Addicted Spouse, and My Addicted Parent; and he is the co-author of the comprehensive book describing Family Recovery Therapy, Addiction Therapy and Treatment: A Systems Approach.

Larry is intimately involved in the treatment of a family with an addicted loved one from the first phone call, including detox or residential rehab, if needed, through an integrated outpatient treatment process that extends until at least the first year of continuous sobriety. This approach assures continuity and clear direction and promotes successful recovery for both the addict and the family.

Through his books and certification training program, Larry is making it possible for a new generation of licensed mental health professionals to expand their practices and help the over 20 million American adults battling with a substance abuse disorder* or a behavioral addiction.

* According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 2018.

About Avis

Larry’s partner in life and in authorship is Avis Rumney, LMFT, a master therapist and award-winning author with over 30 years of experience helping people with codependency and addiction issues. She specializes in eating disorders and is author of the book, Dying to Please: Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery.

Transformative Recovery is Possible

For the last twenty-five years, Larry and Avis have witnessed the transformative power of family systems-based therapy for addiction recovery in work and in life.

Together, they have seen firsthand that when addicted individuals and their families choose to recover and do the work to restore themselves to wellness, they not only repair the damage caused by addiction but create fulfilling lives and healthier relationships.

Through his own experience, Larry has discovered the almost limitless capacity of individuals to grow and change their dysfunctional relationships—not only to addiction but also to family members—utilizing family therapy for addiction treatment and restoring loving and supportive relationships within the family. 

Buy the Book. Learn the Program.

This approach and associated successes are outlined in Larry Fritzlan and Avis Rumney’s new book, Addiction Therapy and Treatment: A Systems Approach. The principles and process of Family Recovery Therapy are available for licensed medical and mental health professionals to learn through an online training and certification program.

In Family Recovery Therapy, the Family is the Client

In the book, which includes case studies, Larry and Avis demonstrate that sustained sobriety for the addict, as well as improved family relationships, is best achieved when the individuals in a family engage together in comprehensive, long-term treatment. Family Recovery Therapy is built on the principle that the family is the client. This family systems approach saves time, money, and lives.

A family’s commitment, an addict’s success

This commitment we made as parents greatly helped heal the family, heal our daughter and heal myself. I cannot recommend Larry Fritzlan highly enough (along with) the importance of the parents’ involvement in the program. We are all involved and we are all responsible.”

— Thomas H., a father in a family that was treated using Family Recovery Therapy