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Help People While Expanding Your Practice

Larry Fritzlan, who is dedicated to ending addiction one family at a time, is excited to offer training and certification to licensed medical and mental health professionals who are interested in becoming Family Recovery therapists and being listed on this website as referral sources.

As a Family Recovery therapist, you can combine your knowledge of family therapy and addiction with additional training to provide the help that leads to more successful recovery outcomes for families struggling with addiction and codependency. You can build a solid business as a Family Recovery therapist. In providing this substantive treatment, you can experience the rewards of seeing families grow and heal. You can help address the overwhelming demand for licensed, clinically-grounded, addiction-educated, family system-oriented addiction treatment providers. You can contribute to “ending addiction one family at a time.”

Certification is Simple

The certification process includes viewing a series of brief information-filled training videos, reading our book, Addiction Therapy and Treatment: A Systems Approach, and passing a written exam which tests your knowledge of the common-sense principles and clinical application of Family Recovery Therapy.

The certification videos are presented by Larry Fritzlan, LMFT, developer of the Family Recovery Therapy program. The videos follow the outline of the book and are a perfect enhancement to the information presented there. The videos also include important information on using the FRT model to begin treatment with family members and to address the entire family system. It's the healing of this system that is key to long-term recovery from addiction and codependency and that will end addiction one family at a time.

Training is available to licensed medical and mental health professionals who work with families, have basic education in family systems and addiction, and are dedicated to helping addictive/codependent family systems recover.Join Our Professional Referral Network.

After fulfilling the certification requirements, you can be listed on this website as a certified Family Recovery therapist. You will also have access to future coaching/training videos, and can participate in group consultation calls with Larry Fritzlan.

Certification Program Topics

  • Why is it necessary to have a new paradigm in addiction treatment?
  • The 14 basic principles of Family Recovery Therapy
  • Beginning treatment with the family members
  • The process of treatment
  • The role of social support groups
  • Nuts and bolts: The first phone call, client agreements, testing for substance use
  • Working with other treatment providers including doctors, psychiatrists, residential treatment center staff, sober living environment managers
  • Finances and building a Family Recovery Therapy practice

 The fee for the training program is just $500.*

* For the first 25 clinicians who enroll in the certification course, the fee is only $25. Use the discount code SAILBOAT when purchasing the course to receive the discount.

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A family’s journey

“This is not easy work; it took the WHOLE family working together to understand everyone’s role in how we got where we were: addiction, codependency, and the fundamental breakdowns in the family system, including divorce and the associated issues that come with that. Through this program that worked consistently, we have watched our son become an independent, functioning adult with superlative relationships with everyone in the family.”

 — Douglas D.