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After 25 Years of practicing Family Systems Recovery Therapy, Larry is a qualified speaker on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery

Larry Fritzlan is a motivational speaker on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery. He is also a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified addiction therapist, and a board-certified intervention professional. As a recovering addict himself and the child of an addict, Larry is passionate about helping addicted individuals—and their families—escape the downward spiral of addiction.

Larry is available to speak to professional and lay audiences, to medical and mental health organizations, at conferences, academic institutions, and treatment centers, as a podcast guest, and in broadcast media interviews. His areas of expertise include families, family systems, substance use and abuse, addiction and addiction treatment, and intervention on addicted family systems.

A Fascinating Journey of Discovery

Larry has written three books for those with an addicted family member:

In his most recent book, Addiction Therapy and Treatment: A Systems Approach, he and his co-author Avis Rumney, LMFT, describe this radical approach to addiction treatment and why a different approach is needed.

Instead of the traditional model of addiction treatment, which focuses almost entirely on the addict, Family Recovery Therapy typically begins treatment with the family members–-the family system–-who are most involved with the addict and often are enabling their behavior.

Larry Fritzlan has successfully treated addicted family systems for over 25 years. The recovering addicts and families he works with are testimony to the efficacy of the treatment model he has developed. Larry also trains family therapists to use his model to become certified Family Recovery therapists.

Larry has presented to staff at residential treatment centers and to professional audiences in conference settings. He taught a graduate course on addiction for many years at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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Healing and recovery for everyone

“Larry’s unique approach of treating the addict and codependent family system provided the structure, the guidance, and the accountability for success. My daughter is 3 1/2 years clean and sober and attending college (With a 4.0 GPA!). I am also in recovery from my codependent behavior, allowing my daughter to make adult decisions and living with her consequences. I can highly recommend his proven successful therapeutic treatment program.”

— C.W., parent of daughter whose family was successfully treated using Family Recovery Therapy